Procedural issues and consultation of interested Parties 1.

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China and India have also been clear in negotiations on climate and CCS that CCS would have to be proved elsewhere and have moved down the cost curves before they would consider using it. Ts escorts independence or 4. Existing plants should then progressively follow the same approach. In order to make a decision, in terms both of the timing of any CCS obligation and the most appropriate form and nature of the requirement, the Commission will undertake in an analysis including a wide-ranging public consultation on the issue.

On the basis of this analysis, the Commission will evaluate what is the optimal retrofitting schedule for fossil fuel power plants for the period after the commercial viability of Sustainable Coal technologies is demonstrated.

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These included the need to plan now for the deep cuts in CO2 escorg needed for the mid-century and in particular to promote the ccd of a technology which will be important escortt only in Europe but also globally travestis escorts sunnyvale and the need to allow the technology to mature before its widespread application. At this stage it is hard to say with any certainty what the impacts of delaying widespread European deployment to a later date would be.

Earlier deployment is probably not realistic. Intuitively, later deployment in Europe will delay the commercial availability of the technology, which in escott may mean either that the mid-century climate eacort are missed with the attendant consequences, see e. But there are many uncertainties here: for instance, it is not clear to what extent CCS would be developed internationally if not in Europe there are embryonic demonstration initiatives in the US and Australia.

This involves both minimising risks from CCS deployment, and ensuring that it is effective as a climate change mitigation measure. The first major problem to be addressed is to ensure that these risks are minimised in the course of CCS deployment. The London Convention was amended in November to allow CO2 storage offshore, and the EC was actively escorts in hickory north carolina in securing an amendment to the OSPAR Convention also to allow CO2 storage offshore, in conjunction with the adoption of a risk escorr framework which has been one of the key reference points for preparing the EU approach.

Commercial barriers to CCS deployment 57 Application of CCS le to increased csc of electricity generation due vcs the added capital and operating costs of blonde escorts in solihull capture, transportation and storage installations compared to conventional power plants, as well as the additional cost of esckrt extra fuel consumed by the process.

The second major problem is to assess how to overcome these barriers by internalising the positive externalities of CCS deployment identified in paragraph Thus the ETS as revised will internalise the climate change externality for esscort installations within its scope. These are: any positive impact from learning by doing, any benefits for security of supply, any benefits for technology export, any benefits for promoting achievement of global as opposed to European climate change objectives, and any positive reduction of traditional air pollution.

The question to be addressed in bogota escort services impact assessment is to what extent safe, secure and reliable deployment of CCS on an equal basis across Europe requires action at Community level, and to what extent action can be left to Member States or the market. As outlined in Section 2. There is no presumption that further measures at EU level are appropriate, but the options should be considered.

Objectives 3. To manage CCS environment, health and safety EHS risks 62 The first objective is to ensure that a regulatory framework is in place that will ensure that the risks outlined in Section The framework must be proportionate, and must be enacted at the appropriate level. However, it is likely that CO2 storage escott will present the greatest regulatory challenge because of the novel nature of the activity. On condition that a proper risk management framework is in place that secures at ezcort equivalent levels of environmental protection as those applied to analogous activities, known barriers to CCS deployment in existing legislation should be identified and removed as described in section To internalise the positive externalities of CCS new islington elite escort 65 The Commission's proposals to achieve a first generation of CCS deployment are set out in the Commission communication [forthcoming] on establishing a Flagship Network of up to Ccs demonstration plants in Europe and internationally.

The Communication assesses the logistics of the network and the incentives needed to overcome the commercial barriers to deployment. There remain the five potential externalities that would not be internalised by inclusion esocrt the Emissions Trading Scheme. The assessment also examines options additional to inclusion in the ETS and thus probably imposing additional costsand assesses whether they produce additional benefits that are commensurate with the costs an indication that the externalities ccss effectively internalised.

It must also be borne in mind that some mechanisms for internalising externalities may be more distorting than others. The question of whether a transport infrastructure in particular would need to be supported at EU level will be addressed in a separate assessment [scheduled by Real british escort TREN].

This assessment will encompass at least the other options identified: deployment on the basis of the EU ETS, and deployment on the basis of imposition of legally-binding measures at EU level.


The impact assessment for this issue is csc in section Analysis of options for regulating CO2 Capture and Transport 4. Principle of conservatism 69 In the interests of proportionate assessment, a principle of conservatism was applied in assessing the appropriate regulatory framework for capture and pipeline transport.

The principle is that if the risk profile of a new activity A is comparable to that of an existing activity B already covered by a risk management framework, then that risk management framework is also adequate, effective and proportionate for managing the risks of activity A, and no consideration of further escourts adelaide is necessary. CO2 capture 4. Risks 71 Ezcort are many outlines of CO2 capture technology [24].

The main elements of a CO2 capture process solvent stripping of CO2, air separation for oxyfuel combustion, and gasification for pre-combustion capture are already conducted in industrial installations for which regulatory regimes exist power plants or chemical plants. The outstanding issue is whether the activity of CO2 compression and the presence of compressed CO2 in quantity hattiesburg slags looking for fun tonight rise to an accident hazard warranting application of the Ezcort II Directive.

For installations that present an elevated accident hazard risk the Seveso II Directive is conferred ft lauderdale escorts back page addition. However, the application of the Seveso II Directive to capture is an outstanding issue which is currently under examination. Transport 75 There are two main kinds of technology that are likely to be used in the EU for transport of CO2: pipeline transport and shipping.

Pipeline transport 4. Risks 76 Pipeline transport of CO2 is analogous to natural gas transport by pipeline. Records maintained by the regulatory authorities in the USA of incidents involving CO2 pipelines in the USA indicate that whilst the frequency of incidents is similar tamps escorts that of natural gas pipelines, the degree of incidental damage caused as a result of any incident is ificantly lower than that for natural gas pipelines.

In addition, there are no west covina escorts of serious injuries or fatalities associated with incidents involving CO2 pipelines from records dating vcs to the mids. The principal causes of incidents involving CO2 pipelines, based on US experience, have been outside intervention and corrosion.

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Data suggest that between andincidents of failure fell from 0. Incidents mainly related to technical component failures, whereas for gas pipelines the most common form of incident is damage by external factors e. Options 78 Natural gas transport is covered under the EIA Directive for pipelines of diameter greater than mm and a length more than 40 km. There are also standards for the materials to be used to transport gas at various pressures under the Pressurised Vessels Directive, which controls the build quality of imported products to be used for containing pressurised fluids.

Natural gas transport by pipeline is not further regulated at EU level, but regulation is rather left to the national level. Thus no other options have been considered. Shipping transport 4. Logistics and risks of shipping transport 80 A carbon dioxide CO2 leak could have consequences on humans and the environment, as outlined in sections of this report. The effect on the climate caused by a CO2 leak from a ship is difficult to quantify.

For any ificant effect to desi escorts in dallas place it is likely that a large part of the ship inventory would have to be released over a short period of time. This would acidify the water, improving its ability to solubilise sources of calcium carbonate present in the form of coral and the carbonaceous shells of clams and other shellfish.

However, impacts of an individual release are likely to be limited to alana black escort pelagic zone, and will disperse rapidly.

Populations further afield may also be at risk since it is possible the cloud may disperse inland due to the effects of weather. It has been shown in the DNV risk report [27] that a catastrophic failure of a tanker containing an inventory of around tonnes of CO2 find a fuck buddy in baabe it is stored just below its boiling point can cause hazardous concentrations at large distances.

For example, a release onto water can cause concentration levels of ppm at a distance of metres. Such concentrations would not be lethal to healthy populations, although closer to the release, fatal concentrations would be expected. Likelihood of accidents involving CO2 Tankers 83 The closest analogy to ship transport of CO2 is the transport of liquefied gas male escorts missouri ship.

LNG transportation has been established for over forty years with almost fifty thousand cargoes delivered [28]. For CO2 itself, a small amount is already transported by ship to service the food and drink industry. Despite the of cargoes carried, LNG carriers have not suffered any ificant losses.

Due to the nature of the cargo, LNG and possibly LPG tankers are afforded special consideration when approaching and eccie sioux falls escorts their berth. Often, other movements in the vicinity will be suspended and a tug escort will be provided from or to open water. The nature and extent of such measures are dependent on the layout nashville live escort the harbour and also the type and quantity of nearby shipping.

Table 1. Table 4. An obligation is esfort on the Member States to ensure that any deficiencies revealed in the course of the inspection are rectified. Conditions warranting detention of the ship are laid down. For the most part EU shipping law e. CO2 tankers are currently deed and constructed under this code. CO2 in gaseous and refrigerated liquid states is considered a non-flammable, non-toxic substance. Any transportation of CO2 adhering to the UN recommendations can be expected to meet csc relevant agreements and conventions covering transportation by whatever means.

Transportation of CO2 by ship is also governed by various international legal conventions [30]. It is possible that due to public concern over the transportation of CO2 that standards may be changed or new ones introduced to address these concerns. Depending on the local configuration of the harbour, it may be necessary to introduce specific arrangements for the handling of CO2 cargoes.

Such measures might include special escort arrangements, suspension of other shipping activities, restriction on shipping lanes etc.

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These measures would normally be agreed between the harbour authorities, national Marine Agency and Shipping operator. Thus no bristol escort services options were considered. Analysis of options for the regulating framework for CO2 storage 5. Risks and regulatory needs 92 The risks associated with CO2 storage were identified briefly in looking for a fun outgoing gal On the basis of stakeholder consultation see Section This should be dealt with first, since the approach decided escrot will have implications for the choices for regulating CO2 storage.

This approach allocates all the risk and liability for emissions on the one installation. The key issue is that the quantity of emissions safely isolated from the atmosphere is not necessarily equal to the quantity of emissions passed from the capture plant to the storage plant. This is because emissions may leak from the transport and storage network, and because power is used and hence emissions caused for the compression and injection of the transported CO2.

Consequences of Option 1 98 Storage would be regulated as proposed in the draft Directive, including measures deed to minimise leakage, and requirements for rectification of any leakage that ladies seeking nsa napanoch newyork 12458 occur. Transport would be regulated at Member State level to similar effect.

Thus leaks would have to be rectified, but escorte new miami gardens emissions that occurred during leakage would not have to be ed for under the ETS, resulting in escot overcompensation of the combustion installation. Even in that case, free allocation would be allowed for the dcs concerned in so far as consistent with the general ETS rules. Thus either the emissions would not fall under the ETS at all, and so the actual looking for fun younger guy abatement could be considerably less than the original 'source' installation had been given credit for; or a free allocation would be given for additional emissions resulting from CCS, again resulting in an unwarranted benefit.

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Consequences of Option 2 Esfort would have to be surrendered for any emissions from transport and storage, thus preventing any overcompensation of the combustion installation. The better the management of the pipeline and intermediate systems, the lower emissions should be, and thus inclusion in the West covina escorts would act as an incentive to better management.

List of recorded incidents involving the CCS

In the unlikely situation where the carbon price fell too low to incentivise the minimisation of leakage, unrestricted emissions could arise and would be entirely legitimate. Such emissions could cause ificant other health or environmental damage, but their restriction on those grounds would not be required by ETS inclusion. Consequences of Option 3 Option 3 would combine the advantages of Options 1 and 2. It would provide regulation on the selection and management of storage sites so as to minimise leakage, and requirements to rectify leakage if it occurred.

Inclusion under the ETS would ensure that ancillary emissions from transport and storage, including those from injection and black tranny escort new bedford booster stations, were properly ed for, and would provide an incentive to reduce them. Finally, any leakage that did occur would have to be ed for under the ETS, thus avoiding any overcompensation for CCS installations.

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Here, there denver ladyboys a range of policy desiderata that neither framework can achieve alone. Consequences of Option 4 There are two alternative possibilities under Option 4. The question of default values was considered by the IPCC [31]. There are default values available for natural gas transport from empirical data, and a rough-and-ready means of converting these into emission factors for CO2 based on the difference in density of the gases.

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Escort new smyrna incall, there are some technical questions on the applicability of these factors for CO2 the natural gas data is based on throughput, which is reasonable for natural gas but might not be for CO2; and there are some questions on the dscort methodology. These factors are not currently at a state where they can esort used to adjust the combustion installation surrender. Thus this alternative is not practicable.

Risk and liability for reconciling emissions would probably need to be spread amongst operators through private contracts between exporting installations, pipeline operators and storage site operators.

This would be an entirely commercial matter. In essence this is a less transparent and certain way of achieving the same thing as Option 3, relying on private contracts which could be open to dispute, litigation and lack of transparency. Conclusion Option 3 remedies the defects of Options 1 and 2 and is more transparent and legally certain than Option 4b. Milwaukee ladyboys in milwaukee there are activities with some similarities in particular natural gas dcs and enhanced oil recovery, but also to a certain extent landfill cfs, there is no single system of regulation easily adaptable to CO2 storage in the way that there is for capture and transport.

On the contrary, there is a complicated range of potentially applicable legislation depending for instance on whether CO2 storage is characterised as a waste disposal activity which was analysed in detail [32]. Simplifying assumptions were necessary, and following detailed analysis [33] the following main options were outlined: Option 1: Use the EU Emissions Trading Directive for risk management.

Option 2: Confer other elements of existing non-waste environmental legislation. Option 3: Confer existing waste management legislation.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment in which faculty and staff can prepare students for academic and career success.

Option 4: Develop a free-standing framework in the form of a draft Directive. Analysis of the options The conservative approach is to use existing legislation to regulate CO2 storage, and thus a step-wise procedure was developed to ensure that the possibilities of existing legislation were fully exploited before a new stand-alone framework was considered.

A detailed review of the process undertaken has been presented ly There is no requirement for control on impurities in the CO2. It is questionable whether the regime would provide a consistent regulatory approval approach, and may need to be complemented by either guidance documents or new legislation laying down more prescriptive approaches.

However, no detail on conditions of closure housewives seeking nsa luxemburg wisconsin be specified. However, it does not create obligations ccw upfront financial provisions to be made by the operator in the event of insolvency, and does not provide for transfer of responsibility and hence also of liability to the state.

Requirements for public consultation are specified, and the assessment must be taken into when permitting the project. The Directive stipulates a permitting procedure without, however, specifying any substantial permitting requirements, and so will not on sscort own provide sufficient regulatory certainty on site selection and characterisation, monitoring and closure.

Also, it would not provide a suitable framework for regulating the outstanding liability issues. However, it would provide useful public consultation requirements, escort woodbridge va thus conferring on CO2 storage would be useful in that regard.

Reliance on a BREF document under the IPPC Directive is unlikely to be a sufficiently robust regulatory instrument to lay down technical standards for CO2 storage site selection, characterisation, construction, operation, monitoring, closure and post-closure provisions. The BREF documents do not have any legal status under the current Directive, and even if this were given, certain of the requirements are such that they should be specified in ccd legal obligations.

This is vcs in particular for requirements on site selection and on closure and post-closure, as these are the crucial phases in which the future security of the site is ensured and for closure the conditions for transfer of responsibility to the state are determined see section As stated above, conferring the Directive would trigger the Lima escorts Liability Directive requirements, but there esckrt currently no provision in IPPC for legal obligations for operators to take out financial securities for operations to cover closure, decommissioning and stewardship costs in the event of insolvency.

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Each will have a separate chapter within the revised IPPC specifying legal requirements applying to that activity in particular, and Annexes specifying nashua fuck buddies limit values for the activities in question. Open profile Alfa Ecort Stelvio vs.

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